Versace is a fashion house with a range of luxury products ranging from clothes and shoes to perfumes and handbags. The fashion house was founded in 1972 in Milan by designer Gianni Versace, who then ran the company together with his sister Donatella Versace. In 1997, the founder Gianni was assassinated, which led to the Donatella being appointed creative director. The brand has been unofficially named as the designer for "Rock N ' Roll", due to its immense popularity among famous Rock stars. Among other things, Elton John and Michael Jackson used the Versace outfits in their performances. The famous logo is an image of the Medusa, which was a deliberate choice by Gianni Versace. In mythology, people became inexplicably in love with the Medusa and then got stuck in the infatuation, and Gianni wanted the same image to be created around the brand. He undoubtedly succeeded.

The image created around the brand is characterised by mysticism, provocation and innovation, which is reflected in the fragrances that have been released regularly since 1981. The first perfume that was launched was named Gianni Versace for Women, a sparkling fragrance with spicy and fruity tones. Today, the fashion house has worked out a wide range of fragrances for both men and women, with varying tones and distinctive features. What binds these fragrances, however, is the Spicy foundation, which at first glance may seem a strange choice for a perfume but that you simply cannot avoid falling in love with.

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