Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent is a French fashion designer who is regarded as one of the foremost in the fashion industry, together with, for example, Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. Yves Saint-Laurent was born in 1936 in Algeria and worked in his youth at Dior before he took over the company as its designer after Dior's death. Shortly thereafter, he started his own brand and named it briefly and good after himself. He reached a tremendous success, not only in France but worldwide. The brand is even today a sign of exclusivity and luxury, and now covers in addition to clothing ranging from shoes and accessories to home furnishings, cigarettes and skin care.

The first perfume under Saint-Laurent's name was already launched in 1968, the fragrance was named Y after the creator's first name and is still sold today. Y is a strong blend of very many different fragrance notes that together create a cacophony of experiences, including Hyacinth, Peach, Gardenia, Rose, amber and moss. Since the brand has been working with perfumes for such a long time, the wide range can feel difficult to navigate, but some perfumes that are particularly distinctive are the Rive Gauche, Paris and Opium. Rive Gauche (1971) Scents of aldehyde, moss and Rose, Paris (1983) Smells of Rose, violet and Hyacinth and Opium (1977) has a dull, earthy aroma of incense, clove and cinnamon.

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