Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier is a French fashion designer who lives and works in Paris. He was born in 1952 and began in early adulthood sending sketches to various famous fashion designers to try and get a foot into the industry. The attempt was successful when Pierre Cardin hired him in 1970. Already in 1979, Gaultier created its very own collection. He has no official training but has a talent that has been a tremendous success. Gaultier became famous for her provocative and unique style. In addition to his own collections, he has also designed costumes for various artists. A famous example is Madonna's Strutbehå.

In 1993, the first perfume is released for Jean Paul Gaultier. It is baptized to Classique. The perfume bottle is in the form of a female body with clothes reminiscent of a design Gaultier created for Madonna. The perfume smells of orange blossom, vanilla and star anise. Since then, several perfumes have been launched in the Classiquecollection. All perfume bottles consist of the same feminine, sensual shape but are dressed in varying designs linked to the fragrance's character. For example, Classique Summer 2013 is dressed in a delightful, refreshing and flourishing pattern and scented of orange blossom, clementin and vanilla. Gaultier has also created a perfume collection for men called Le Male, where the perfume bottles are in the form of a male torso that is dressed in various patterns and colors.

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