Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer who was born in 1940 in Florence. Already at the age of 30 he founded the fashion house Roberto Cavalli and quickly became popular. He soon got a place in the world of fashion by making other badges and profiles pay attention to his work, including Hermés. The brand is fun, colourful and exciting. It constantly breaks the rules – or simply creates its own rules. In 2007, Roberto Cavalli launched a collection in collaboration with H & M.

The first perfume was launched in 2002 by the name of Roberto Cavalli. The perfume scented amber, sandalwood and magnolia and the bottle resembled a glass sculpture in the shape of a column with a devious snake on top. The snake is also the symbol of the Mark Roberto Cavalli. Cavalli has since released a number of perfumes in various collections. He constantly draws inspiration from the Italian culture, as seen for example in the uni-six perfume Baroque Musk from 2016 which smells musk, pomeransblomma and Yiang-Yiang, but also in the perfume Florence from 2017 which smells of patchouli, Blackcurrant and orange blossom. A collection aimed at women is Paradiso, where the main perfume Paradiso was released in 2015. The perfume has an earthy and delightfully spicy scent with notes of jasmine, cypress and pine-tree. The bottle is in a shape reminiscent of a diamond.

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