Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is an American singer, actress and designer. Simpson was signed to a record label already at the age of sixteen and the debut album was released three years later. The album was called Sweet Kisses and became very popular. Also the second album released in 2001 and called Irresistible was incredibly successful. In 2002, Simpson married singer Nick Lachey and the couple became known by participating in their own reality show; Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. The two singers quickly became household names in the United States. In 2003, Simpson released his third album, in This Skin, which is still her most successful. She has also launched a clothing collection named the Jessica Simpson collection.

Simpson entered the perfume World in 2004 by launching a collection named Dessert treats. Already in 2004 six perfumes were released in the collection. Two examples are dreamy dessert and creamy dessert. The collection would be cute and colourful, and targeted to a younger audience. dreamy dessert smells of chocolate and coconut while creamy dessert smells of vanilla and caramel. Simpson has also launched a collection named Fancy, where the main perfume Fancy from 2008 smells of caramel, vanilla and almond. The perfume is meant to be more mature and sophisticated than the previous perfumes, but it still strives for the youthfulness and innocence that Simpson has become so famous for.

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